Bruno Dos Santos: „I’m up against anyone who is close to the title, who is a fight that attracts the public and who is good for organization.” [ENG]

Oskar Dela
Published: 12 sierpnia 2021

We invite you to read the interview with Bruno „Gafanhoto” Dos Santos, the former KSW contender for the bantamweight belt.

  • Hi Bruno! How would you rate your performance against Pawel Polityło at KSW 62? Do you see any things in it that you could improve?

Answer: It wasn’t one of the best performances, I didn’t expect to leave it to the judges. I lacked precision and increased my blow volume.

  • KSW 63 will feature a bout at your weight between Antun Racic and Jakub Wikłacz. How do you rate this duel, and who do you think will win?

Answer: I think Racic will win the fight, his game has more pressure and as there are only 3 rounds he will tire less.

  • TJ Dillashaw recently returned to fighting after a two-year suspension. Did you watch that fight, and how would you rate his

Answer: I did watch it, I think he was a little out of rhythm and that in his next fight he’ll come back better.

  • Is there anyone in your club that you would like to see in KSW?

Answer: I would like to see João Samurai have the 11-4 cartel with only knockouts.

  • There’s a lot of talk about current Bantamweight Champion Sebastian Przybysz returning right after the holidays, so we can assume you won’t be his next opponent, even though you’ve announced that you’re willing. So would you like to get back in the cage, and who would you like to face?

Answer: I’m up against anyone who is close to the title, who is a fight that attracts the public and who is good for organization.

  • If it comes down to a fight with Przybysz, where do you see your advantages in this fight?

Answer: I fight in any area against him, I like to let the fight unfold and feel where to end it.

  • At UFC 267, there will be a fight for the bantamweight belt, where Aljamain Sterling will make his first defense and his opponent will be Petr Yan. The main event will feature a fight between your countryman Glover Teixeira and Jan Blachowicz. How do you predict these two fights?

Answer: In the first fight Petr Yan was getting the better of him and was disqualified, without making the same mistake, he will surely win. Glover and Blachowicz are two fighters with great knockout power and the similar game, anything can happen.

  • You have to admit that you have great physical conditions for the bantamweight. Have you ever thought of moving up a weight?

Answer: I’ve thought about moving up in weight, but my focus now is to be the 61kg champion, after that maybe a fight for the 66kg title.

  • If you were given the chance, would you want to get back at Antun Racic?|

Answer: I respect Antun a lot but I wasn’t physically prepared for the fight and today it would definitely be different. But at the moment my focus is on the title and if he comes in the way, it would be a pleasure to fight him.

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